The Basics of the Xinyi Proposal

1.6 Million Litres of water Daily

-water taken from sensitive aquifer designated "at RISK" by the GRCA

-66% of this water will be EVAPORATED during the manufacturing process

2 Million Sq Ft Mega-Plant

-this is the equivalent of 35 Football fields

-7 storeys in height at the peak

300 Ft High Emissions Smokestack

-could emit nitrogen,sulphur oxides and particulate matter

-potential acid rain formation over Guelph and Rockwood as a result of oxides and particulate matter 

Located at Hwy 124 and County Rd 32

These outdated and overburden roads can't handle the traffic they have now

This plant will add 150 cars and 100 Trucks daily to these roads

Dormitory for Temporary Foreign Workers

-the proposal requires a 50 unit dormitory to house foreign workers who are required to live on site for fire-fighting purposes

Increased Traffic

-200 more vehicles on the road daily

-rail delivery 3X weekly, 40 boxcars per train

The Zoning Bylaw Amendments sought by Xinyi Glass


The property currently has the Rural Industrial M1 zoning. As part of this zoning, there are restrictions on building lot coverage, building height and use of the site for residential purposes. Therefore to build their plant, Xinyi Glass is seeking zoning bylaw amendments (ZBA) with the Township.

These proposed zoning bylaw amendments will allow the company to:

1/ Increase lot coverage of the site from 40 percent to 50 percent. In other words, they want to be able to eventually construct  buildings on this 49 hectare site up to 22.5 hectares in floor area. (220 500 square meters or 2.5 million square feet)  Initial site plans, which show only the First Phase, indicate manufacturing, warehousing and corporate campus floor area of between 1.8 and 2 million square feet.

2/ Increase building height from the current maximum of 15 meters (about 4 stories) to 22 meters (between 6 and 7 stories). 

3/Construct a residential unit on site containing 50 rooms to allow for visiting executives and foreign specialists to stay while they are working at the plant.

There are several other zoning bylaw amendments being sought pertaining to parking spaces, loading areas and building setback. The building setback amendment has been abandoned.