Concerns with the Xinyi Proposal

Water Use

-the Rural Industrial Zoning (M1) only supports Dry Industrial Use (which does not use significant amounts of water or produce significant amounts of effluent)

-our contention is that 1.6 million litres of water per day IS significant

-more prolonged droughts and more 'violent' (less useful) rain are symptoms

of climate change


-traffic is already congested near that location

-can we solve the traffic problem BEFORE we develop those lands?

Air Quality

-the plant will emit sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides and various aerosols 

-smog and acid rain

-greenhouse gases also produced

Fire and Safety

-located close to 2 propane distribution businesses and a chemical plant

-glass kilns operate at around 1500 Celsius

-Sunrise Propane Explosion in Downsview,ON in 2008


-workers don’t live on industrial sites except in remote locations where there is no housing and amenities nearby

-against Municipal, County and Provincial Land Use Plans and Bylaws


-no guarantee that many of these jobs will not be lost within 10 years as industrial robot technology advances